East Africa forests series

Special coverage

Peering into the Rift Valley

Report from Kenya reveals challenges local communities confront

Drought is forcing nomadic people in Kenya’s Rift Valley to abandon their traditions, while elsewhere in the country Kirinyaga’s original Kikuyu people are trying to return to traditions to manage land more sustainably. As Kenya and other countries look to energy alternatives for cooking and heating, growing demand for charcoal is putting more pressure on already shrinking forests.


Jane Goodall and Robert Nasi: Put forests at forefront of COVID-19 recovery

Small scale farming, crop diversity, local people crucial, experts say at GLF

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Drop in carbon emissions puts wheels in motion for change

Terrain through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic: Blueprint for a healthy planet

Robert Nasi and Tony Simons detail four steps

COVID-19 and what it means for wild meat

Tune in to get the highlights from a webinar that addresses timely issues around wild meat