In focus Climate change

3 Jul 2024
Rising market demand for palm fruit and unsustainable harvesting methods erode Amazonian palm swamp ecosystems
25 Jun 2024
Testing a novel methodology across five countries in sub-Saharan Africa

In-depth - 19 Jun 2024
A journey across the world’s largest rainforests
From the Amazon to Indonesia and the Congo, what do these ancient ecosystems mean for people and planet?
19 Jun 2024
The road to African soil health
Summit stakeholders plot pathways to cross-continent, life-sustaining soil
Opinion - 17 Jun 2024
Investing in soils can put countries on a path to land degradation neutrality
UNCCD’s 30th anniversary marks time to renew fight against degradation and desertification
7 Jun 2024
Centring innovation in Cameroonian agriculture
Training upskills 16 local leaders to facilitate multi-actor innovation partnerships
24 May 2024
In DRC, mining matters for forests + people
Maintaining livelihoods whilst keeping carbon in the ground
21 May 2024
Modeling future deforestation in Peru
Downloadable tool projects forest loss at country or regional level through 2030
9 May 2024
Explainer: How trees help protect us from flooding
As East Africa and Brazil grapple with floodwaters, what can we learn from nature to prevent future devastation?
8 May 2024
Advancing Ethiopian agroforestry
Scaling ancient and contemporary practices for sustainability, livelihoods, food security and resilience
18 Apr 2024
“Together, we can turn the tide”: protecting Indonesia’s blue carbon
For Indonesia, the burgeoning blue carbon market holds promise – and challenges
15 Apr 2024
In Ethiopia, cultivating hope through tree seed orchards
PATSPO project lays foundation to supply quality seed for large-scale forest restoration