In focus Climate change

Event Coverage - 26 Jun 2020
Shaping soil organic carbon sequestration projects for small-scale farmers
Event Coverage - 18 Jun 2020
How to make wood fuel an affordable source of clean energy to meet food, nutrition, and livelihood demands

Event Coverage - 16 Jun 2020
Numbers not neutral and only part of a story, say scientists at GLF Bonn
Acknowledging political dimensions of numbers is starting point for all change
Feature - 27 May 2020
The world’s largest desert lake and a disappearing way of life
This is part three in a series of three stories that look at forests, trees and how they are used in East Africa.
News - 26 May 2020
GLF Bonn: Food systems in focus at a time of crisis
David Nabarro, special envoy of WHO DG Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on COVID-19, to speak
Feature - 20 May 2020
The challenge of charcoal
Growing demand for charcoal is putting more pressure on already shrinking forests