In focus Climate change

28 Nov 2022
How agroecology tackles both the climate and food crises in one go
News - 18 Nov 2022
Knowledge and options to turn decisions into action

14 Nov 2022
Scaling up forest-based solutions for planetary crises
How trees and forests are best deployed to confront some of the biggest challenges of our time
News - 10 Nov 2022
Do climate pledges rely too much on tree planting?
New Land Gap Report warns of risks to Indigenous Peoples and local communities if country land commitments remain vague.
News - 9 Nov 2022
Bridging the information gap
In Central Africa, scientists and journalists team up to improve coverage of forests and climate change
News - 7 Nov 2022
COP 27 leaders urged to kick-start restoration of soil ecosystems
First-ever food systems pavilion to shine spotlight on foundation of life on land
News - 25 Oct 2022
New tools and knowledge for monitoring peatlands in Peru
Peatlands workshop allowed key stakeholders to strengthen capacities in accounting and monitoring of greenhouse gas fluxes