In focus Climate change

Event Coverage - 23 May 2018
Slow progress on the Paris Agreement Rule Book’s imminent COP 24 deadline
Quiz - 30 Apr 2018
As the 2018 Bonn Climate Change Conference kicks off, see how much you know about issues in discussion

News - 28 Mar 2018
The tropical family tree: Tracking forests’ evolutionary past
The ancestral history of the world’s forests isn’t what we thought, and could help predict the future
Interview - 26 Feb 2018
When rights to land doesn’t mean rights to resources
A closer look at indigenous tenure at the Global Landscapes Forum
Interview - 22 Feb 2018
REDD+ benefits: Men want cash, women want development
Scientist Esther Mwangi shares findings from Tanzania, Indonesia and Peru
Interview - 13 Feb 2018
Rainfall recycling: Trees as rainmakers
The role of forests in the water cycle in focus at the Global Landscapes Forum
Analysis - 9 Feb 2018
Give local development a chance
Why top-down development in the Amazon requires a critical rethink
News - 7 Feb 2018
What mountain forests do for human well-being
Taking stock of ecosystem services in the mountains of southern Asia
News - 6 Feb 2018
Borneo’s carbon sink
Primary forests are helping soak up carbon emissions – but that’s threatened by drought and fragmentation
Event Coverage - 30 Jan 2018
Precipitation and its relation to vegetation
Links between forests and water examined at the Global Landscapes Forum
Event Coverage - 29 Jan 2018
Transparent data needed to reach global goals on climate
At the Global Landscapes Forum, exploring common standards of data transparency in the land-use sector
News - 17 Jan 2018
Funding a low-carbon future
Unlocking private finance for climate and sustainable development
DG’s Column - 16 Jan 2018
Should we burn trees for energy?
CIFOR’s Robert Nasi weighs in on the EU debate over forest biomass