In focus Climate change

6 Dec 2019
Integrating REDD+ with global efforts to protect and restore forests
News - 4 Dec 2019
From boardrooms to local communities, forest conservation effort faces challenges

Event Coverage - 20 Nov 2019
Peatlands in South America an asset in climate action efforts
Closer collaboration needed to advance sustainable management
News - 8 Nov 2019
CIFOR and ICRAF join 11,000 scientists to declare ‘climate emergency’
Urgent need to act as global tree cover loss increases
News - 21 Oct 2019
Getting Ethiopia REDD+ ready
Recouping the costs of forest conservation
News - 8 Oct 2019
Why Blue Carbon needs to be on the climate agenda
Blue carbon: how coastal ecosystems can play a role in climate
News - 7 Oct 2019
Time to get serious about evaluating REDD+ impacts
Impact assessments of efforts to reduce deforestation and forest degradation needed
News - 3 Oct 2019
Getting real about restoring the Earth at GLF New York
Establishing pathways for the U.N. Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030