In focus Restoration

5 Jul 2024
"Cornucopia of stiff challenges remain" to realise ambitions
29 Jun 2024
Teasing out gender dynamics for equity, efficacy and sustainability

21 Jun 2024
‘Innovation niches’ approach fosters sustainable agrosilvopastoral efforts in northern Cameroon
Boosting local capacity and ownership yields staying power for innovative interventions
19 Jun 2024
The road to African soil health
Summit stakeholders plot pathways to cross-continent, life-sustaining soil
14 Jun 2024
Urban Kenyan youth get their hands in the soil on World Environment Day
Soil management workshop shares insights on protecting the 'skin of the Earth'
Video - 13 Jun 2024
“A renaissance of nature” for Africa’s drylands
Seeding hope at the frontiers of the climate crisis
24 May 2024
In DRC, mining matters for forests + people
Maintaining livelihoods whilst keeping carbon in the ground
9 May 2024
Explainer: How trees help protect us from flooding
As East Africa and Brazil grapple with floodwaters, what can we learn from nature to prevent future devastation?
19 Apr 2024
Sowing the seeds of change in Côte d’Ivoire
Upskilling conservationists in seed collection and propagation techniques
18 Oct 2023
African scientists school up to adapt agriculture to climate change
First cohort graduates from CRISPR course ready to develop climate-smart crops
6 Oct 2023
Restoration monitoring adds up for Kenya’s rangeland advocates
Learning event carves space for stakeholders to share tools and results