In focus Restoration

Event Coverage - 20 May 2019
GLF Kyoto – all you need to know
News - 30 Apr 2019
Climate-smart lifestyles and restoration in focus at GLF Kyoto

Photo Essay - 22 Apr 2019
EARTH DAY: Can Sumatran elephants and people coexist?
A new study aims to help the forest giants on the brink of extinction
Headlines - 16 Apr 2019
Paris Agreement disagreement; landscape restoration “overlooked,” misinterpreted, blocked
Forests News delves into headlines from around the globe
Event Coverage - 9 Apr 2019
CIFOR DG calls for ‘people-centric’ approach in landscape restoration
Event coverage from the World Bank conference on Poverty and Land
Event Coverage - 18 Dec 2018
Peatlands: An appetite to re-wet?
Re-wetting peatlands can improve management to protect climate, say GLF delegates