In focus Restoration

25 May 2023
Four years on from OFESA’s launch, what progress has been made?
Analysis - 24 Apr 2023
How Adaptive Collaborative Management has evolved over two and a half decades

News - 13 Apr 2023
Measuring impact to improve conservation results
Study highlights need for more rigorous evaluation of effectiveness of REDD+ and other forest conservation programmes
29 Mar 2023
Robust intersectoral coordination could unleash Central African forests’ contribution to SDGs
Boosting the capacities of national statistics agencies also primordial
News - 9 Mar 2023
Mind the gap: What knowledge is needed for UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration success?
Addressing information gaps and barriers to restore ecosystems and protect biodiversity
8 Feb 2023
Framing up the community-centred future of peatland management
Experts share knowledge from long-term research in Indonesia and beyond
In-depth - 30 Jan 2023
Tropical wetland countries refine forest reference emission levels (FREL)
Peru, DRC, and RoC follow Indonesia’s lead on more accurate emission estimates
15 Nov 2022
Placing justice at the heart of climate action
Country pledges must be more transparent and ensure local communities’ rights, new report says
Analysis - 20 Jul 2022
Looking at land restoration through a faith-based lens
Inclusion of faith-based institutions and mores is essential for sustainable restoration, finds the Regreening Africa programme.
Analysis - 18 Jul 2022
Scientific coalition offers specifics to the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework
Fifty scientists from 23 countries provide scientific input to halt declines in Nature’s contributions to people.
Event Coverage - 7 Jul 2022
Peatland restoration: connecting science with policy and practice
An international symposium explored successful restoration approaches, stopping fires and increasing food and fuel supplies.
News - 27 Jun 2022
How bioenergy can help restore landscapes and livelihoods  
A new book from CIFOR-ICRAF examines research into bioenergy production in Indonesia