In focus Restoration

Opinion - 14 Feb 2024
'Regreening Africa' programme recognized as World Restoration Flagship
Interview - 7 Nov 2023
Aster Gebrekirstos on the just-launched African Tree Ring Network for Resilience

18 Oct 2023
African scientists school up to adapt agriculture to climate change
First cohort graduates from CRISPR course ready to develop climate-smart crops
6 Oct 2023
Restoration monitoring adds up for Kenya’s rangeland advocates
Learning event carves space for stakeholders to share tools and results
26 Sep 2023
What are we missing in the links between forests and health?
Global evidence map reveals gaps, helps point to new directions
28 Aug 2023
Peatland restoration and community involvement can help prevent forest and land fires
Community-led research in Indonesia’s Riau Province focuses on fire prevention in peatlands as drier weather looms with the arrival of El Niño in 2023
1 Jun 2023
Community support crucial to blue carbon success
Quantifying environmental benefits is vital but don't undervalue good governance and equitable benefit sharing
25 May 2023
Keeping track of trees and forests in Eastern and Southern Africa
Four years on from OFESA’s launch, what progress has been made?
Analysis - 24 Apr 2023
From sustainable forest management to restoration
How Adaptive Collaborative Management has evolved over two and a half decades
News - 13 Apr 2023
Measuring impact to improve conservation results
Study highlights need for more rigorous evaluation of effectiveness of REDD+ and other forest conservation programmes