In focus Restoration

Event Coverage - 23 Jul 2012
Scientists at Rio+20 are promoting the use of forests for influencing rainfall and adapting to climate change.
DG’s Column - 31 Oct 2017
A word from CIFOR's incoming Director General

Analysis - 13 Nov 2017
COP23 Special: How land and forests can help meet global goals on climate
Ongoing research draws the connections between restoration and climate change
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Restoring forest landscapes: A question of community rights
What forest landscape restoration means for tenure, governance and communities
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Putting forestry at the center
A final word from CIFOR Director General, Peter Holmgren
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Addressing the dangers of degraded land
CIFOR scientists respond to the latest Global Land Outlook report
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Fighting fire and haze in Indonesia
What’s being done on the ground to prevent future disaster
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Finding what works for national restoration plans
Lessons emerge from four countries in Latin America
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Challenges and opportunities for the restoration of Andean forests
Views on ecological restoration in the Andes of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia
Interview - 28 Aug 2017
Advancing forest landscape restoration worldwide
An interview with CIFOR scientist Manuel Guariguata ahead of SER2017 in Brazil
Event Coverage - 24 Jul 2017
Moving past tree planting, expanding our definition of forests and restoration
Secondary forests are often neglected and overregulated in forest management – recognizing and governing those spaces is essential for proper landscape...
Video - 7 Jun 2017
The power of science communication
How the media can help protect Indonesia’s peatlands