In focus Deforestation

Opinion - 12 Dec 2023
Lessons from key food sectors to harmonize and scale greener production
31 Oct 2023
More accurate methods of estimating avoided deforestation are urgently needed

27 Jul 2023
Deforestation-free palm oil is not an automatic win-win
New palm oil regulations could have impact for farmers, experts say
25 Jul 2023
How transport infrastructure is influencing deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon
A new study will contribute to the informed design of interventions to reduce the impact of transport infrastructure on deforestation processes
14 Jul 2023
Palm oil stakeholders say more details needed on planned EUDR regulation, implications
Roundtable discusses next steps for deforestation-free production.
Event Coverage - 12 May 2023
Scientists and policymakers join forces in the fight against DRC deforestation
Workshop seeks answers for forest protection and climate change mitigation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Analysis - 24 Apr 2023
From sustainable forest management to restoration
How Adaptive Collaborative Management has evolved over two and a half decades
News - 21 Apr 2023
Central Africa: Battling deforestation, balancing development
The challenge of cleaning up commodity chains while maintaining livelihoods
News - 13 Apr 2023
Measuring impact to improve conservation results
Study highlights need for more rigorous evaluation of effectiveness of REDD+ and other forest conservation programmes
Analysis - 27 Mar 2023
Why context is critical when it comes to deforestation
Classifying deforestation policies to better understand what works where
Analysis - 23 Mar 2023
Community rights and REDD+ in Indonesia
Findings from a workshop on implementing safeguards in Jambi Province