In focus Deforestation

Analysis - 24 Apr 2023
How Adaptive Collaborative Management has evolved over two and a half decades
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The challenge of cleaning up commodity chains while maintaining livelihoods

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Local context essential in work to continue reductions in deforestation in Indonesia
Science and policy dialogue explored issues and solutions
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Measuring impact to improve conservation results
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Why context is critical when it comes to deforestation
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Community rights and REDD+ in Indonesia
Findings from a workshop on implementing safeguards in Jambi Province
17 Mar 2023
Agriculture-linked deforestation topmost driver of emissions in Central Africa – Report
Multiple projects of different content and scale to reduce emissions linked to deforestation and degradation have been developed
DG’s Column - 26 Jan 2022
Waiting for the end of deforestation: Companies must ante up
Not taking adequate steps to address the risk, Forest 500 report says