In focus Deforestation

Opinions - 1 Apr 2020
A call for a regional approach towards sustainability

Opinions - 21 Mar 2020
Natural forest regeneration: A good choice for biodiversity
How can forest restoration support biodiversity in the 21st century?
News - 12 Mar 2020
Amazon rainforest could disappear within 50 years, scientists report
Large, complex ecosystems cascade into rapid collapse compared to smaller ecosystems
Opinions - 6 Mar 2020
Has the FLEGT Action plan contributed to better forest governance?
New study sheds light on the impact of Voluntary Partnership Agreements in timber-producing countries
News - 5 Feb 2020
Scientists and communities in Indonesia team up for peatland restoration and fire prevention efforts
Participatory Action Research: Closing the gap between traditional research, development, and community engagement
News - 3 Feb 2020
Mobile app simplifies peatland restoration monitoring efforts in Indonesia
A recipe for protecting peatlands from fire: re-wet, re-vegetate and re-vitalize
DG’s Column - 24 Jan 2020
So long tumultuous teens: High hopes for forests in the 2020s
Potential for protective green economy and government policies offer promise
News - 9 Jan 2020
Human deforestation activities link bats to Ebola outbreaks
Suspected Ebola carriers often thrive in clearings or on forest fringes
25 Sep 2019
The politics of peat and fire
Mismanagement and failure to prevent such a critical resource puts the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people at risk