In focus Zero deforestation

Analysis - 25 Sep 2015
How to stop deforestation while boosting benefits for smallholders and meeting market demand?
Event Coverage - 9 Dec 2015
Government and business may find common ground in supporting small-scale oil palm farmers.

Analysis - 23 Mar 2017
Decoding deforestation in Brazil and Bolivia
More than meets the eye
Analysis - 17 Mar 2017
Improving sustainable cattle production in the Brazilian Amazon
Why slowing deforestation is only the first step in the transition from a zero-deforestation model to one of territorial sustainability
Analysis - 17 Mar 2016
Why ‘zero deforestation’ is only one piece of the sustainability puzzle
Lessons from the Brazilian Amazon show it’s important to shift toward more sustainable land uses and look for ways to intensify beef production.
Video Q&A - 9 Dec 2015
Companies and government need each other on zero deforestation
Palm oil companies will comply with standards if the market tells them to, an industry leader says.
Feature - 23 Sep 2015
The long road to ‘zero deforestation’ … whatever that means
One year after the New York Declaration on Forests was signed, the challenges are becoming clear – as are the opportunities.
News - 21 Sep 2015
Zero deforestation pledges doomed without government support
Stopping deforestation in Indonesia means major changes to government policy and corporate practice, an analysis shows.
Analysis - 22 Apr 2015
Satellites can mislead: policy makers beware!
Policymakers must resist the temptation to mistake the map for the territory.