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News - 17 May 2018
Biogeographical mapping is proving successful in detecting outbreak-prone regions for the deadly disease
News - 19 Apr 2018
To better understand fisheries, scientists applied a review method from the medical world – to deep results

News - 11 Apr 2018
Counting down: Scientists warn of ‘alarming’ loss of Borneo orangutans
A new study shows more than 100,000 orangutans have disappeared in 16 years
News - 5 Mar 2018
How safe are our wildlife sanctuaries?
New research shows hunting is the most common threat to protected areas worldwide
News - 18 Dec 2017
Threats to Congo peat forests put people, wildlife and climate goals at risk
Experts urge fast-track response as leaders gather for Global Landscapes Forum
Feature - 10 Aug 2017
Postcards from the field: Pangolin surprise
Researcher Lauren Coad received a surprise on her birthday – and it wasn't a cake
News - 8 Aug 2017
Pangolins under pressure
New study finds millions hunted in Africa each year
Fact File - 17 Apr 2017
Peat beneath their feet
The animals and plants that call peatlands home
News - 2 Mar 2017
Stories to save the orangutans
How local traditions are supporting wildlife conservation efforts in Kalimantan
Interview - 19 Dec 2016
What’s on CIFOR’s holiday reading list?
Check out these recommended reads from CIFOR scientists
Video - 12 Jul 2016
Hunting for sustainability
Improving food security and nutrition for hunters in the Columbian Amazon
Quiz - 3 Mar 2016
World Wildlife Day Quiz
To celebrate World Wildlife Day, test your knowledge on the connections between tropical forests, wildlife and humans.
Feature - 27 Feb 2016
Conservation by another name: Traditions, taboos and hunting
Traditional beliefs in Colombia have the inadvertent effect of supporting wildlife conservation.