In focus Rights

10 May 2023
Understanding power in decision-making can help address imbalances in moving to inclusive and equitable landscape governance
Event Coverage - 17 Apr 2023
Science and policy dialogue explored issues and solutions

Interview - 6 Mar 2023
Seeing from all sides: Why we need more women in science
Q&A with CIFOR-ICRAF forestry scientist Nining Liswanti
Analysis - 30 Dec 2022
Ten criteria for understanding the recognition of and respect for community rights
Study examines rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities in the context of REDD+ in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Analysis - 29 Dec 2022
Analysis of rights and REDD+ safeguards
New law recognizes and protects Indigenous Pygmy Peoples in the Congo Basin
News - 1 Jul 2022
Multi-stakeholder platforms set to resolve land-use conflicts in northern Ghana
The COVID-19 pandemic delayed but did not stop an initiative that aims to reduce conflict over land, a critically important effort for restoration and...