In focus REDD+

3 Nov 2023
Exploring the permanence of avoided deforestation in a Brazilian REDD+ site
31 Oct 2023
More accurate methods of estimating avoided deforestation are urgently needed

6 Sep 2023
Visiting Lecture: Taking local context into account in REDD+ policy implementation
Diagnosing deforestation into effective solutions
1 Aug 2023
Are REDD+ safeguards supporting community land, resource, and carbon rights?
Steps forward from the review of 11 safeguard standards
19 Jul 2023
From ‘do no harm’ to ‘do better’: Early lessons from implementing REDD+ safeguards in Indonesia
Multi-stakeholder workshop on making forest initiatives work for communities - ecosystems.
5 Jul 2023
New accounting methods could rebuild confidence in forest carbon markets
Forest carbon accounting can learn from impact evaluation methods but should include a greater focus on the stewardship of Indigenous Peoples.
Event Coverage - 3 Jun 2023
Addressing expanding concerns over forest carbon credits key to mitigation success
Forest conservation is a key tool for climate change mitigation, but integrity issues with forest carbon offsets need to be addressed
Event Coverage - 12 May 2023
Scientists and policymakers join forces in the fight against DRC deforestation
Workshop seeks answers for forest protection and climate change mitigation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
28 Apr 2023
Following the REDD+ money
Science-policy dialogue points to lessons learned as Brazil restarts its Amazon Fund