In focus Gender

Feature - 6 Dec 2017
Gendered labor and creativity converge in the workshops of Central Java
News - 4 Dec 2017
Documentaries give voice to tea, rice and sugarcane farmers

Event Coverage - 14 Dec 2017
Why gender matters for restoration
How to bring everyone to the restoration table? Nairobi dialogue cultivates answers
News - 14 Dec 2017
Global commitment growing for gender equality in climate action
Researchers back development of a gender-responsive policy for the Green Climate Fund
Feature - 17 Oct 2017
The dreamer, the progressive and the returnee
Inside the lives of migrant workers from Nepal
Feature - 16 Oct 2017
In Nepal, what migration means on the home front
As migrant workers leave their villages behind, landscapes and social hierarchies are being shaken from tradition
Feature - 13 Oct 2017
Left behind: The women and elderly of Nalma
Voices of those left back home by migrant workers in Nepal
Photo Essay - 24 Aug 2017
Community participation as a REDD+ safeguard
Voices of men, women and youth in Jambi, Indonesia
Analysis - 20 Jul 2017
Advancing equity and inclusiveness in forest management and certification
Decision-making mechanisms solely based on externally-determined rules could make meaningful involvement of women and marginalized groups difficult
News - 27 Mar 2017
Remittances and reforestation
Why returning migrants plant trees in Tajikistan
Interview - 20 Mar 2017
Tenure reform: Lessons from the Global South
A Q&A with researcher Anne Larson on the changing conditions of rights and resources in discussion at the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference
Event Coverage - 8 Mar 2017
Voices of women in palm oil
Research seeks to shed light on women’s experiences in one of Indonesia's fastest-growing industries