In focus Gender

Photo Essay - 8 Apr 2024
In Colombia, rural entrepreneurs share insights on gender, business, and transformation
5 Apr 2024
COLANDS researcher Malaika Yanou on role models and her science career

Photo Essay - 2 Apr 2024
Protected: Cameroon: Women school up to spread the word on greener cookstoves
Experiential training upskills women to build more energy-efficient, lower-pollution fireplaces from locally-available materials
22 Mar 2024
What’s needed to make agroecology mainstream?
Advocates share progress on metrics, digital tools, incentives, and investment
12 Mar 2024
Protected: Transforming gender approaches requires men’s involvement
Reflections from a study of gender transformative approaches in Colombia
11 Mar 2024
“Field work: A privilege, but extra vigilance needed”
COLANDS researcher Alida O'Connor reflects on gender + safety in the field
8 Mar 2024
Sustainable development goals hinge on tapping women’s full potential
International Women’s Day calls for investing in women to accelerate progress
5 Mar 2024
A baby in the field
For International Women's day, COLANDS researcher Augusta M. Anandi shares her story
5 Mar 2024
A baby in the field
20 Feb 2024
“People want to understand their rights and options”
Gender inclusion key to pilot projects in oil palm regions of Uganda
22 Jan 2024
Gender-based participation spurs pilot biochar industry in eastern India
Improved cookstoves reduce pollution + create byproducts that boosts soils
15 Jan 2024
“What mattered more to decide our destinies was not our sex but our gender”
Ethiopia's PATSPO II project staff + stakeholders learn how gender identities impact their lives
3 Jan 2024
Overcoming gender barriers helps families in Ethiopia
Research shows positive changes for women and men, increased household income