In focus Editors’ Choice 2015

News - 14 Jan 2015
More than 100,000 hectares of peatland forests are destroyed each year for oil palm and agricultural plantations.
Analysis - 22 Apr 2015
Policymakers must resist the temptation to mistake the map for the territory.

Event Coverage - 17 Dec 2015
Global agreements, but local action
The message that solutions for climate and development will come from everyday landscapes resonated throughout the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum.
Event Coverage - 9 Dec 2015
Smallholders at the heart of Indonesia’s zero-deforestation dispute
Government and business may find common ground in supporting small-scale oil palm farmers.
Event Coverage - 9 Dec 2015
Restoration as a local solution with global benefits
Forest landscape restoration should be at the core of climate change strategies, Global Landscapes Forum hears.
Event Coverage - 7 Dec 2015
All the youth in the house, please stand up
Salina Abraham grabbed the spotlight with her passionate call for youth to be considered like gender, race and regional diversity.
Event Coverage - 6 Dec 2015
Landscapes for sustainability: Potential, yes. Finance, not so much.
New areas of investment are needed to bring the private sector on board, speakers say at Global Landscapes Forum.
Analysis - 4 Dec 2015
How landscape approaches can help achieve the SDGs – in three (challenging) steps
Achieving the SDGs is not going to be easy and there’s no single way to do it, but landscapes could provide a useful framework.
Feature - 24 Nov 2015
10 views on the future of REDD+
Ahead of the UN climate change conference in Paris, experts from across the globe give their take on what's next for REDD+.
News - 5 Nov 2015
Thinking restoration? Think big and think inclusive
Countries may need to change their approach if they are to meet commitments to restore millions of hectares of degraded land.
DG’s Column - 26 Oct 2015
Preventing fire & haze: sustainable solutions for Indonesian peatlands
What can we do to break the cycle of the haze over the long term? How might we address the underlying drivers and achieve sustainable solutions?
Video - 21 Oct 2015
Where there’s smoke, there’s toxic gas
Scientists analyze the smoke spilling out of the smoldering peatlands of Central Kalimantan.
Feature - 21 Oct 2015
Don’t inhale: Scientists look at what the Indonesian haze is made of
Measurements of particles and toxic gases in smoke in fire-ravaged Kalimantan show the health hazards may be even worse than feared.