In focus The Congo Basin: The State of the Forest

21 Nov 2012
Postcards from the Field: Lukolela Lullaby
LUKOLELA, Democratic Republic of the Congo (14 November, 2012)_The Lukolela Police Commander’s rusting Kalashnikov is digging into my thigh as we lunge into the forest on his equally ancient motorbike.
21 Nov 2012
Forest communities in Cameroon cannot adapt to climate change alone
YAOUNDE, Cameroon (14 November, 2012)_New research shows rural communities in Cameroon rely heavily on forests for everything from their nutritional and...
20 Nov 2012
Counting carbon: Measuring carbon stocks in logging concessions in Cameroon
YAOUNDE, Cameroon (14 November, 2012)_Scientists in Cameroon are hoping to bolster scientific evidence that shows sustainable timber production in forests...
20 Nov 2012
Postcards from the field: On the Congo River
KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of Congo (14 November, 2012)_500 km in four days: CIFOR researcher Felicien Kengoum shares the highs and lows of doing research...
News - 19 Nov 2012
Cutting through: Formalising Cameroon’s huge domestic timber market
Cameroon loggers forced to operate outside the law due to poorly governed domestic market.
19 Nov 2012
The Congo Basin Forests: What policymakers should know
The Congo Basin forests are a lifeline for more than 60 million people – providing food and income for many remote communities, storing huge amounts...
16 Nov 2012
Postcards from the field: Porcupines and Proposals in Cameroon
YAOUNDE, Cameroon (14 November, 2012)_CIFOR intern Camille Dehu shares the highs and lows of life in the field, doing research in a remote village in Cameroon
Video - 15 Nov 2012
Taming Okok: Domesticating forest foods in Cameroon
Vegetable’s soaring popularity in Cameroon has led to concerns about sustainability.
15 Nov 2012
Up the river & paddling hard: Climate adaptation & mitigation in the Congo
LUKOLELA, Democratic Republic of Congo (14 November, 2012)_People in the remote town of Lukolela – 540 km from Kinshasa on the Congo River – are already...
News - 14 Nov 2012
Under Threat: Deforestation pressure on Congo Basin forests increasing
Scientists call for a viable scientific information mechanism to deal with drivers of deforestation.
14 Nov 2012
Young leaders: the future of the Congo’s forestry research
KISANGANI, Democratic Republic of Congo (14 November, 2012)_Deep in the Yoko Forest Reserve, across the Congo River from Kisangani in the Democratic Republic...