In focus Climate change

Headlines - 11 Feb 2019
Forests News delves into last week's headlines from around the globe

Opinions - 23 Jan 2019
What do trees do when we are not looking?
The musings of Douglas Sheil, professor at Norwegian University of Life Sciences
News - 7 Dec 2018
Gender equality vital part of forest-based climate action, says CIFOR scientist at COP24
Gender-blind climate action risks jeopardizing efficiency and long-term sustainability
News - 28 Nov 2018
Mexico’s REDD+ still highly centralized
Sharing governance roles and REDD+ benefits among entities at various levels remains a challenge, study finds
News - 27 Nov 2018
Forests in the global bio-economy: Lessons from Indonesia and Brazil
Keeping forests – and the people living in and around them – firmly in the picture
News - 30 Oct 2018
Raw materials use tipped to nearly double by 2060, OECD report says
World needs dramatic turn-around in how products are produced, used and recycled
News - 5 Oct 2018
Global bio-economic transformation: What does it mean for forests?
Opportunities and trade-offs of a sustainable bio-based transition on a global scale
Feature - 1 Oct 2018
Bioenergy: A solution to three problems?
Scientists take a comprehensive look into the potential of bioenergy crops, from seeds to sales