In focus Climate change

Interview - 23 May 2023
Scientists and detectives would appear to have little in common. Until you meet Sonya Dewi.
Opinions - 2 May 2023
After decades of research and advocacy, they're finally at the forefront of approaches to address global challenges

28 Apr 2023
Following the REDD+ money
Science-policy dialogue points to lessons learned as Brazil restarts its Amazon Fund
Analysis - 23 Mar 2023
Community rights and REDD+ in Indonesia
Findings from a workshop on implementing safeguards in Jambi Province
13 Mar 2023
Imagining REDD+ under Indonesia’s ‘Job Creation Law’
Researchers explore possible synergies and challenges
16 Feb 2023
In DRC, Indigenous Peoples and local communities’ inclusion in REDD+ remains a work in progress
The country’s legal framework on climate change is among Africa’s most advanced, but more work is needed to promote inclusion, say researchers
6 Feb 2023
For many Indigenous communities, land titles aren’t the same as tenure security
In communities’ visions of a secure future, good governance, transparency, and respect for customary rights matter more than a piece of paper
2 Feb 2023
Growth of forest plantations in Central Africa lags over financing constraints
Despite exciting opportunities and strong potentials, forest plantations occupy a very limited space in the sub-region, both in terms of area and production.
In-depth - 30 Jan 2023
Tropical wetland countries refine forest reference emission levels (FREL)
Peru, DRC, and RoC follow Indonesia’s lead on more accurate emission estimates
13 Jan 2023
Researchers to support East Kalimantan’s low-carbon emission programme with impact evaluation
Quasi-experimental research seeks to help the East Kalimantan provincial government in implementing effective, efficient, and equitable policies
11 Jan 2023
Finding patterns in forest loss
Deforestation archetypes can help policymakers understand what strategies have an impact
9 Dec 2022
Indonesia champions public-private partnerships at COP27
The quest for net zero is too great for governments alone, speakers say