In focus Climate change

News - 16 Feb 2017
Interest is growing among the scientific community about the powerful carbon capture and storage potential of mangroves
Analysis - 5 Oct 2017
CIFOR scientists respond to the latest Global Land Outlook report

News - 12 Oct 2017
Governing mangroves: From Tanzania to Indonesia
Global review finds tenure rights key to conservation of coastal forests
News - 9 Oct 2017
Peat fires and toxic haze: The power of perception
How viewpoints can shape policy and action
Interview - 21 Sep 2017
A long-awaited reader on gender and forestry
New book launched at IUFRO Congress
Event Coverage - 19 Sep 2017
Making peat a priority
Peatlands in the spotlight at the IUFRO Congress in Germany
News - 7 Sep 2017
Evaluating REDD+ social safeguards with mobile phones, gas stoves and benefits
Using publicly available social and spatial data to evaluate progress on REDD+ social safeguards in Indonesia
News - 5 Sep 2017
Changing landscapes: From forests to food
Challenging conventional wisdom on agricultural expansion
News - 21 Aug 2017
Measuring the effectiveness of subnational REDD+ initiatives
New insights into carbon monitoring methods at the local level
News - 15 Aug 2017
Finding a way in for better landscape governance
Study in Ghana and Burkina Faso finds an entry point for landscape approaches in natural resource management schemes
Analysis - 3 Aug 2017
The long and winding road to sustainable palm oil
Finding a way forward for profits, people and the planet