In focus Climate change

News - 2 Jan 2018
In the face of climate change, scientists find good coffee needs trees – and bees
Video Q&A - 16 Jan 2018
CIFOR’s Robert Nasi weighs in on the EU debate over forest biomass

News - 17 Jan 2018
Funding a low-carbon future
Unlocking private finance for climate and sustainable development
Analysis - 15 Jan 2018
Women producing charcoal in Zambia
(Or the costs and benefits of challenging the patriarchy)
Photo Essay - 27 Dec 2017
At a once-premier reserve, sowing seeds of transformation
Improving well being, training local scientists, creating sustainable solutions – from a massive tropical forest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo...
Event Coverage - 21 Dec 2017
Actor Alec Baldwin backs call for indigenous rights
Movement for climate and development action grows at Global Landscapes Forum
News - 20 Dec 2017
Africa and the Paris climate accord: Fuel for thought
Wood fuel in the climate pledges of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa
Video Q&A - 19 Dec 2017
Why indigenous rights matter for REDD+
CIFOR analyst Stephen Leonard on the growing international role of indigenous rights for action on forests and climate
News - 18 Dec 2017
Threats to Congo peat forests put people, wildlife and climate goals at risk
Experts urge fast-track response as leaders gather for Global Landscapes Forum
Interview - 18 Dec 2017
‘We are all stakeholders in the problems we address’
Reflections from CIFOR’s Director General, Robert Nasi, ahead of the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn
Event Coverage - 14 Dec 2017
Why gender matters for restoration
How to bring everyone to the restoration table? Nairobi dialogue cultivates answers
News - 14 Dec 2017
Global commitment growing for gender equality in climate action
Researchers back development of a gender-responsive policy for the Green Climate Fund