In focus Blue carbon, mangroves and peatlands

8 Jan 2024
New study shows food + nutrition benefits of protecting and restoring mangrove ecosystems
Opinion - 29 Nov 2023
Blue Carbon Deck brings together research and practice to improve management and promote investment

29 Sep 2023
Degraded Amazonian peatlands are overlooked carbon source
Unsustainable palm fruit harvesting turns Peru palm swamp peatlands into net emitters
4 Sep 2023
South Korea turns to blue carbon to help mitigate climate crisis
Scientists meet on Jeju Island to discuss ways to expand mangrove ecosystems across East Asia to scale up the sequestration of greenhouse gases and conserve...
1 Jun 2023
Community support crucial to blue carbon success
Quantifying environmental benefits is vital but don't undervalue good governance and equitable benefit sharing
News - 9 Sep 2022
How to monitor peatlands holistically… and practically
Researchers share standardized criteria and indicators for tracking peatland restoration
News - 10 Aug 2022
Mangroves in the Mekong Delta: growing opportunities or going under?
Researchers have identified potential sites for mangrove restoration in the Mekong Delta
18 Jun 2022
Climate diplomacy up next for Murdiyarso?
Principal Scientist Daniel Murdiyarso becomes the first Indonesian to receive prestigious honorary doctorate from the University of Helsinki