In focus Wildlife

News - 6 Oct 2020
Winners of the 2020 Mangrove Photography Awards
Interview - 22 Sep 2020
One of Kenya’s first all-female ranger units combats poaching

Feature - 11 Aug 2020
“Engagement landscape” concept takes shape in DRC’s Yangambi
CIFOR-ICRAF scientists define model for new sustainable strategy
News - 5 Aug 2020
LED flashlights increase food insecurity risk in wild-meat dependent communities
Scientists urge sustainable hunting strategies to mitigate impact
News - 30 Jun 2020
CIFOR’s Robert Nasi to U.S. congressional staff: wildlife trade, ecosystem degradation and climate change, major drivers of emerging infectious diseases
Wildmeat database on hunting offtakes, consumption, market sales and more to launch in 2021
News - 26 May 2020
GLF Bonn: Food systems in focus at a time of crisis
David Nabarro, special envoy of WHO DG Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on COVID-19, to speak
News - 24 Apr 2020
Challenges and potential for landscape approaches in Northern Ghana
Preserving biodiversity by involving local communities in sustainable use of nature
News - 8 Mar 2020
Recipe for slowing species loss and cutting extinction risk in half
Conservationists weigh in ahead of Convention on Biological Diversity meeting