In focus Wetlands

News - 20 Jun 2019
New large-scale vegetation maps aid Indonesia’s One Map Policy
Feature - 14 Jun 2019
Restoration, replanting and recovered hope

Photo Essay - 22 Apr 2019
EARTH DAY: Can Sumatran elephants and people coexist?
A new study aims to help the forest giants on the brink of extinction
Headlines - 19 Mar 2019
EU lands palm oil blow, student climate strikes, air pollution worse than smoking
Forests News delves into last week's headlines from around the globe
News - 17 Sep 2018
The future of wetlands: We’ve been warned
Scientists sound the alarm – again – on the sustainability of ecosystems. But are we listening?
Feature - 28 Aug 2018
Steady as Murdiyarso goes
CIFOR Principal Scientist Daniel Murdiyarso wins the 2018 LIPI Sarwono Award for being Indonesia’s unshakable bridge between science and policy
Event Coverage - 25 Jul 2018
A look at unseen meadows
On the underutilized and over-damaged carbon sinks of seagrass
Event Coverage - 19 Jul 2018
Governing blue carbon – and all that it entails
The Blue Carbon Summit brought science, partnership and momentum to Indonesian policy on coastal ecosystems