In focus Timber legality

Analysis - 10 Jan 2017
A new report peels off the layers of complexity surrounding illegal logging, clarifying where and when interventions are needed
News - 28 Sep 2014
Chinese logging in Zambia is somewhat unusual, with small companies started with migrant savings.

Video Q&A - 1 Aug 2017
FLEGT in Indonesia: An interview with Sulthon M. Amin
What the scheme means for traditional craftsmen
Video Q&A - 31 Jul 2017
FLEGT in Indonesia: An interview with Charles-Michel Geurts
What the licensing scheme means for Indonesia and the EU
Video Q&A - 29 Jul 2017
FLEGT in Indonesia: An interview with Victoria Simanungkalit
What the government is doing to include small operators
Analysis - 20 Jul 2017
Advancing equity and inclusiveness in forest management and certification
Decision-making mechanisms solely based on externally-determined rules could make meaningful involvement of women and marginalized groups difficult
Event Coverage - 18 Jul 2017
FLEGT in Indonesia: Golden child or guinea pig?
National policy dialogue puts focus on the EU timber license’s challenges and opportunities for small businesses
Photo Essay - 12 Jul 2017
Helping Indonesian craftsmen go global, sustainably
Mechanisms to ensure wood is legally sourced are essential to conserve forests, and can also help small businesses expand exports, thereby increasing incomes
News - 11 Apr 2017
In complex palm industry, “certified sustainable” falls short
Study assesses the social, economic and environmental impact of palm oil certification
Analysis - 3 Mar 2017
The chicken or the egg?
What should come first: A research publication, or an impassioned blog post? A case study of Zambia’s mukula tree
Photo Essay - 26 Jan 2017
Decoding Cameroon’s domestic timber trade
Behind a lucrative sector operating in the shadows
Video - 11 Jan 2017
Legalizing Cameroon’s timber production chain
Timber produced for domestic consumption is generally absent from official statistics and produced without a valid permit. What gives?
Analysis - 9 Aug 2016
Brexit rattles RI-European timber trade prospects
Post-Brexit concerns have largely centered on global political and economic repercussions, but environmental ones should not be ignored.