In focus Rights

News - 7 Aug 2018
Indigenous women are pushing for inclusion in land reform processes
Analysis - 6 Aug 2018
A new, five-year CIFOR project will put the concept of ‘landscape approach’ into action

News - 2 Aug 2018
Rights in the DRC: What’s getting in the way?
Assessing implementation gaps for land tenure reform and community rights
Analysis - 26 Jul 2018
Before a landscape approach, an integrative initiative to try
Landscape approaches can be difficult to begin. Here’s a middle-ground option
Event Coverage - 19 Jun 2018
Risky business: Tenure issues main deterrent for investment
Experts from finance, research and policy cite land tenure as biggest perceived risk
News - 29 May 2018
Progress on the process of managing landscapes
An update on the concept and development of the 'landscape approach'
Event Coverage - 23 May 2018
Outcomes for forests at the Bonn Climate Change Conference
Slow progress on the Paris Agreement Rule Book’s imminent COP 24 deadline
Event Coverage - 22 May 2018
Using the ‘four powers’ to tackle land use dilemmas
A framework to understand the power structures at play in global landscapes
News - 9 May 2018
In Indonesia, social forestry gets socialized
A new guidebook helps community members and policymakers understand complex social forestry schemes
News - 1 May 2018
Participatory monitoring key to restoration success
To achieve global restoration goals long-term, local involvement needs more support
News - 19 Apr 2018
Fishing with a new research method nets bountiful insights
To better understand fisheries, scientists applied a review method from the medical world – to deep results