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News - 2 Nov 2017
What forest landscape restoration means for tenure, governance and communities
DG’s Column - 25 Oct 2017
A final word from CIFOR Director General, Peter Holmgren

News - 16 Nov 2017
COP23 Special: The politics of REDD+ in Mexico
Why measurement, reporting and verification is not a strictly technical task
Analysis - 13 Nov 2017
COP23 Special: How land and forests can help meet global goals on climate
Ongoing research draws the connections between restoration and climate change
News - 9 Nov 2017
COP23 Special: From Balikpapan to global climate action
A diverse group moves from local to global in the fight against deforestation and climate change
News - 26 Oct 2017
Lampung, Indonesia’s model province for social forestry
Community-led forestry hoped to resolve conflict and improve forest quality
News - 25 Oct 2017
Communities want collaboration, customary law
Centuries-old wisdom may hold answers for sustainable land and forests in Maluku
News - 12 Oct 2017
Governing mangroves: From Tanzania to Indonesia
Global review finds tenure rights key to conservation of coastal forests
Analysis - 5 Oct 2017
Addressing the dangers of degraded land
CIFOR scientists respond to the latest Global Land Outlook report
Video - 29 Sep 2017
A window on wild meat in Colombia
Videos bring to life research on a hidden trade
News - 5 Sep 2017
Changing landscapes: From forests to food
Challenging conventional wisdom on agricultural expansion
Interview - 29 Aug 2017
In Indonesia, finding the right ways to fight fire and haze
After 2015’s scale-tipping fire and haze event, what progress is being made and what remains to be done?