In focus REDD+

Event Coverage - 21 Aug 2019
Building climate-effective enterprises to realize forest-related emissions reductions
Event Coverage - 13 Aug 2019
Scientists scrutinize multi-stakeholder forums in new study

News - 30 Jul 2019
How do you protect what’s ‘everywhere but nowhere?’
While Ethiopia’s tree planting steams on, its dry forests remain ignored
Analysis - 17 Jun 2019
Can you trust the numbers?
Choice of data and methods greatly influences deforestation measurements for REDD+
Analysis - 4 Jan 2019
Global climate action is nothing without local backing
Sub-national participatory decision making isn’t easy, but the reward is worth it
Analysis - 21 Dec 2018
‘Evaluation must be done’
REDD+ scientists analyse 10 years of forest mitigation efforts for climate change - COP 24, Katowice, Poland