In focus REDD+

News - 30 Apr 2019
24 hours for more sustainable todays and tomorrows
Climate-smart lifestyles and restoration in focus at GLF Kyoto
News - 18 Apr 2019
The future of social forestry in Indonesia
How to propel community forest management by 750%
Event Coverage - 9 Apr 2019
CIFOR DG calls for ‘people-centric’ approach in landscape restoration
Event coverage from the World Bank conference on Land and Poverty
Analysis - 4 Jan 2019
Global climate action is nothing without local backing
Sub-national participatory decision making isn’t easy, but the reward is worth it
Analysis - 21 Dec 2018
‘Evaluation must be done’
REDD+ scientists analyse 10 years of forest mitigation efforts for climate change - COP 24, Katowice, Poland
9 Oct 2018
Governing forests for sustainability: What works?
Special issue explores efficacy of different interventions
News - 25 Jun 2018
Benefit-sharing mechanisms: Barking up the wrong tree?
New framework helps evaluate ways of distributing benefits from REDD+ initiatives
Event Coverage - 6 Jun 2018
Where REDD+ money goes – and doesn’t go
New study finds little private finance in REDD+ efforts, and blended finance a way forward