In focus REDD+

News - 16 Nov 2020
Coordination, data and inclusivity key to move ahead, says study
Interview - 4 Nov 2020
Insights from CIFOR senior scientist Pham Thu Thuy

News - 21 Oct 2020
Mobilizing to address gender in forests and climate change actions
Closing gender inclusion gaps with a jurisdictional approach
News - 21 Oct 2020
More availability of regional data can help protect Africa’s forests
A new project aims to streamline information systems in East and Southern Africa
Feature - 23 Sep 2020
Tree planting is critical for sustainable future but can’t fix climate change on its own
Environmental strategies must maintain focus on greenhouse gas emissions
Analysis - 6 Apr 2020
Considering context in participatory forest landscape initiatives
In participatory processes, engaging people to engage context is key to success
Opinions - 20 Feb 2020
Paraguay: A beacon state for forest management?
U.N. collaborates to support exemplary national REDD+ process