In focus REDD+

17 Mar 2023
Multiple projects of different content and scale to reduce emissions linked to deforestation and degradation have been developed
News - 14 Mar 2023
Multi-stakeholder dialogues offer researchers and policymakers opportunities to discuss practical applications of research

13 Mar 2023
Imagining REDD+ under Indonesia’s ‘Job Creation Law’
Researchers explore possible synergies and challenges
27 Oct 2022
Sharing REDD+ benefits to meet Indonesia’s climate targets
Dialogue explores incentives to achieve FoLU Net Sink 2030 goals
Analysis - 17 Oct 2022
Doing better than ‘Do no harm’
How do the safeguards for REDD+ voluntary standards support the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities?
Analysis - 22 Jul 2022
REDD+ lessons from Peru
Researchers reflect on experience from sub-national REDD+ initiatives in the Peruvian Amazon, providing valuable lessons for future mitigation efforts.
Analysis - 27 Jun 2022
Collective payments for ecosystem services: a promising policy tool to reduce deforestation?
Researchers find various levels of effectiveness and fairness depending on focus of PES payments and types of sanctions