In focus Peruvian Amazon

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In participatory processes, engaging people to engage context is key to success
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International Women’s Day: Indigenous women off the charts
How to put equal rights on the map
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Sub-national participatory decision making isn’t easy, but the reward is worth it
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REDD+ benefits: Men want cash, women want development
Scientist Esther Mwangi shares findings from Tanzania, Indonesia and Peru
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Benefits do not always equal cash
In Peru, REDD+ communities recognize non-cash benefits to conservation
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REDD+ and other imperfect solutions
Indigenous communities in Peru’s Amazon are trying various ways to conserve forests – while making an income from them too.
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Hunters, gatherers and all those gender roles
In indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon, men and women differ in how they use forests and participate in projects.
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10 views on the future of REDD+
Ahead of the UN climate change conference in Paris, experts from across the globe give their take on what's next for REDD+.
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In the forest, women’s voices not heard: report
Gender equality requires more than inviting women to meetings.
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What the heck is a carbon right?
And who (if anybody) deserves to be paid for it?