In focus Peruvian Amazon

Interview - 22 Feb 2018
Scientist Esther Mwangi shares findings from Tanzania, Indonesia and Peru
Feature - 19 Oct 2017
In Peru, REDD+ communities recognize non-cash benefits to conservation

News - 1 Apr 2016
REDD+ and other imperfect solutions
Indigenous communities in Peru’s Amazon are trying various ways to conserve forests – while making an income from them too.
Feature - 9 Jan 2016
Hunters, gatherers and all those gender roles
In indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon, men and women differ in how they use forests and participate in projects.
Feature - 24 Nov 2015
10 views on the future of REDD+
Ahead of the UN climate change conference in Paris, experts from across the globe give their take on what's next for REDD+.
News - 26 May 2015
In the forest, women’s voices not heard: report
Gender equality requires more than inviting women to meetings.
Analysis - 5 May 2015
What the heck is a carbon right?
And who (if anybody) deserves to be paid for it?
News - 18 Feb 2015
REDD ink: Forest efforts in Peru all but absent from news media
Research shows large disparity in media coverage around the world.
News - 2 Feb 2015
For sharing REDD+ benefits in Peru, consensus more important than cash
"It seems to be the case that there is no substitute for broad consultation…"
News - 6 Nov 2014
Power and political interest pervade Peru’s land sector
Confusion and competing claims for land as multiple government bodies struggle for control.
Infographic - 5 Nov 2014
INTERACTIVE: Who has power over land use in Peru?
Confusion and competing claims for land as multiple government bodies struggle for control.
News - 11 Mar 2014
Project seeks to unlock the mysteries of Peru’s peatlands
“Thanks to the aguaje, I’ve been able to provide for my children.”
News - 9 Jan 2014
Despite enthusiasm for REDD+, deforestation in Peru continues
Peru needs to balance the demands for forest conservation and economic growth in order to achieve zero net deforestation.