In focus Peatlands

News - 12 Feb 2019
New study overturns assumptions that industry is solely to blame

Video Q&A - 2 Jan 2019
Peatlands for today and tomorrow
Forests News interviews CIFOR scientists Dede Rohadi, Herry Purnomo and Himlal Baral
Event Coverage - 18 Dec 2018
Peatlands: An appetite to re-wet?
Re-wetting peatlands can improve management to protect climate, say GLF delegates
News - 22 Oct 2018
Biofuel-friendly trees may boost landscape restoration efforts in Indonesia
Research shows nyamplung could be most adaptive bioenergy tree for degraded peatlands
News - 17 Sep 2018
The future of wetlands: We’ve been warned
Scientists sound the alarm – again – on the sustainability of ecosystems. But are we listening?
Feature - 28 Aug 2018
Steady as Murdiyarso goes
CIFOR Principal Scientist Daniel Murdiyarso wins the 2018 LIPI Sarwono Award for being Indonesia’s unshakable bridge between science and policy
Event Coverage - 16 Aug 2018
How far has Indonesia come on peatland conservation and restoration?
Storing “disproportionate” amounts of carbon, the archipelago’s peatlands are vital to achieving climate goals