In focus Peatlands

Interview - 6 Apr 2020
An interview with Conservation International scientist Allie Goldstein
Photo Essay - 3 Mar 2020
Lessons learned and applied to rejuvenate coastal ecosystems

News - 5 Feb 2020
Scientists and communities in Indonesia team up for peatland restoration and fire prevention efforts
Participatory Action Research: Closing the gap between traditional research, development, and community engagement
News - 3 Feb 2020
Mobile app simplifies peatland restoration monitoring efforts in Indonesia
A recipe for protecting peatlands from fire: re-wet, re-vegetate and re-vitalize
News - 8 Oct 2019
Why Blue Carbon needs to be on the climate agenda
Blue carbon: how coastal ecosystems can play a role in climate
Fact File - 2 Sep 2019
From the frontlines: Fighting Bolivia’s forest fires
A firefighter’s account of the country’s burning dry forests