In focus Oil palm

News - 24 Oct 2018
Food, energy and environment in the balance
Analysis - 23 Oct 2018
Indonesia’s crude palm oil levies can help smallholders protect forests

News - 16 Oct 2018
Expansion of oil palm plantations into forests appears to be changing local diets in Indonesia
Video highlights comparative study of local nutrition and diet
9 Oct 2018
Governing forests for sustainability: What works?
Special issue explores efficacy of different interventions
News - 5 Oct 2018
New Papua Atlas tracks impact of plantations, roads on forests
Interactive map provides tools for corporate accountability and local land-use planning
News - 24 Sep 2018
Taste for gorilla and chimp meat fuels illicit trade
Study reveals a chain from forest to city that includes hunters, drivers, traders and consumers
Event Coverage - 16 Aug 2018
How far has Indonesia come on peatland conservation and restoration?
Storing “disproportionate” amounts of carbon, the archipelago’s peatlands are vital to achieving climate goals
Feature - 15 Aug 2018
Women at work
In Nepal, forest-based enterprises are providing new income and empowerment for women
Feature - 15 Aug 2018
Women at work
News - 14 Aug 2018
In Central Africa, public procurement can boost demand for legal wood
A bid for mandatory sourcing of legal timber in calls for tenders across the region
News - 1 Aug 2018
Back to the future: Sketching out oil palm scenarios to 2035
Mapping impacts of land use change for ecosystem services in Kalimantan
Analysis - 26 Jul 2018
Before a landscape approach, an integrative initiative to try
Landscape approaches can be difficult to begin. Here’s a middle-ground option
Analysis - 20 Jun 2018
What if Cameroonian consumers wanted legal timber?
Demand for legal timber is still low in Cameroon, but this might change in the coming years