In focus Landscapes

Analysis - 3 Jun 2019
Six countries, three reflections, and a team of scientists working to define a landscape that works for all

News - 20 Feb 2019
Tension and transformation in the patriarchy
Putting gender at the centre of forest and water governance
Headlines - 5 Feb 2019
Leopards on the loose, a planet inferno, and will fast food giants spark a Domino’s effect for climate change?
Forests News delves into last week's headlines from around the globe
Interview - 6 Sep 2018
Why the drone buzz is getting louder
Our leading drone ecologist shares how this technology is changing forest and land management research
News - 21 Aug 2018
On the road back from ‘safari science’ to embedded collaboration
A call for researchers and policymakers to reconnect with the grounded realities of tropical forest conservation
Analysis - 6 Aug 2018
Getting landscape approaches off the ground, on the ground
A new, five-year CIFOR project will put the concept of ‘landscape approach’ into action
Analysis - 26 Jul 2018
Before a landscape approach, an integrative initiative to try
Landscape approaches can be difficult to begin. Here’s a middle-ground option