In focus Landscapes

Event Coverage - 23 May 2018
Slow progress on the Paris Agreement Rule Book’s imminent COP 24 deadline
DG’s Column - 23 Mar 2018
Out with the old. As urban centers grow, a new approach is needed to care for landscapes

Quiz - 21 Mar 2018
Happy International Day of Forests! Take our quiz
Think you know a lot about forests? Find out here.
Feature - 14 Mar 2018
Oil palm landscapes: Sketching out sustainable futures
New methods for mapping and planning in Colombia
Feature - 13 Mar 2018
Oil palm landscapes: Playing the long game with palm oil
Using role-play to improve landscape management in Cameroon
Feature - 28 Feb 2018
Oil palm landscapes: Indonesia’s game of palms
Finding ways to conserve forests in the face of expanding plantations
Feature - 27 Feb 2018
Oil palm landscapes: Playing for keeps
How a simple board game could lead to more sustainable palm oil
Interview - 19 Dec 2017
Making tracks: How movement shapes landscapes
Scientist Houria Djoudi on why mobility and migration matter
DG’s Column - 18 Dec 2017
‘We are all stakeholders in the problems we address’
Reflections from CIFOR’s Director General, Robert Nasi, ahead of the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn