In focus Landscapes

News - 22 Mar 2016
More trees in arid areas could lead to more water access—which is good news for hundreds of millions of the world’s poorest people.
DG’s Column - 15 Feb 2018
CIFOR’s Robert Nasi at the Global Landscapes Forum

News - 22 Dec 2017
In defining the landscape approach, ‘don’t fence us in,’ scientists say
Avoiding top-down definitions at the Global Landscapes Forum
Event Coverage - 20 Dec 2017
‘Knowledge starts with good data’: Mauritius President urges informed action on African landscapes
Scientists, leaders and communities make the connections at the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn
Interview - 19 Dec 2017
Making tracks: How movement shapes landscapes
Scientist Houria Djoudi on why mobility and migration matter
DG’s Column - 18 Dec 2017
‘We are all stakeholders in the problems we address’
Reflections from CIFOR’s Director General, Robert Nasi, ahead of the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn
News - 12 Dec 2017
The cost of increasing ecosystem carbon
Vast variation across landscapes calls for targeted mitigation efforts
Video - 11 Dec 2017
What do forests have to do with food?
Delicious recipes and deeper insights from five sites in Africa
News - 26 Oct 2017
Lampung, Indonesia’s model province for social forestry
Community-led forestry hoped to resolve conflict and improve forest quality
DG’s Column - 25 Oct 2017
Putting forestry at the center
A final word from CIFOR Director General, Peter Holmgren
News - 25 Oct 2017
Communities want collaboration, customary law
Centuries-old wisdom may hold answers for sustainable land and forests in Maluku
News - 12 Oct 2017
Governing mangroves: From Tanzania to Indonesia
Global review finds tenure rights key to conservation of coastal forests