In focus Illegal logging

Analysis - 23 Sep 2019
Mukula tree added to CITES, but can it outpace illegal ‘cut and run’ loggers?
18 Sep 2019
Scientists hope for good environmental decision-making as the Trans-Papua Highway takes shape

News - 11 Sep 2019
‘Forestry is not fulfilling its promise to the rural poor’
New study: Scientist E.K. Sadanandan Nambiar says it’s time to re-imagine forestry
Opinion - 15 Aug 2019
How timber markets can help save tropical forests
Gerhard Dieterle on the legality, sustainability and profitability of green tropical supply chains
Interview - 1 Jul 2019
Governing our “greater good” in challenging times
17th IASC Global Conference : Chair, Anne Larson, on a commons approach…
9 Oct 2018
Governing forests for sustainability: What works?
Special issue explores efficacy of different interventions
News - 14 Aug 2018
In Central Africa, public procurement can boost demand for legal wood
A bid for mandatory sourcing of legal timber in calls for tenders across the region
Analysis - 26 Jul 2018
Before a landscape approach, an integrative initiative to try
Landscape approaches can be difficult to begin. Here’s a middle-ground option