In focus Gender

Interview - 12 Oct 2020
Gender equality key to sustainable resource management, says Markus Ihalainen
News - 1 Sep 2020
Memoir by Carol J. Pierce Colfer urges greater diversity in gender research

News - 24 Jun 2020
Forest tenure reforms in Indonesia could open door to greater gender equality
Signs that women may benefit from greater access to earnings and education
News - 17 Jun 2020
Men compete for profits in West Africa’s women-led shea industry
Time to recognize "invisible work" done by women, write Houria Djoudi and Violeta Gonzalez
News - 4 May 2020
Agroforestry ‘basins’ stir up big benefits for women in Kenya drylands
Gender dynamics blend with new farming methods in restoration project
Opinions - 22 Jan 2020
Women’s place in Africa’s growing charcoal sector
Addressing gendered barriers key to more equitable, efficient value chains
Event Coverage - 30 Dec 2019
How climate finance and technology could better integrate women
COP 25 delegates detail challenges to implementing gender transformative action
In-depth - 22 Nov 2019
Her story: Ethiopian forests
See the story of Ethiopia's efforts to regreen its land and the need to empower the invisible warriors: women.
News - 9 Oct 2019
Esther Mwangi, researcher on gender and forest property rights, dies at 53
She studied how equity and inclusion influence livelihoods and conservation in forests