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Serious concern about addressing gender disparities in recent years

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Tension and transformation in the patriarchy
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Gender-blind climate action risks jeopardizing efficiency and long-term sustainability
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For women in Africa, working within tradition for change
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In Solomon Islands, the gendered effects of corporate logging
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Women at work
In Nepal, forest-based enterprises are providing new income and empowerment for women
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Women at work
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Rights in the DRC: Whose rights matter?
Indigenous women are pushing for inclusion in land reform processes
Analysis - 3 Jul 2018
In Kenya, no progress on progressive 30% gender quota
Traditional value systems are hindering gender equity in resource management
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Outcomes for forests at the Bonn Climate Change Conference
Slow progress on the Paris Agreement Rule Book’s imminent COP 24 deadline
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In REDD+ villages, women say their wellbeing has declined
Voices on the ground call for development projects to scale up gender considerations