In focus Gender

Event Coverage - 17 Mar 2023
Demand-driven, gender-transformative training yields quick results
Interview - 6 Mar 2023
Q&A with CIFOR-ICRAF forestry scientist Nining Liswanti

Interview - 28 Feb 2023
Honouring the waymakers for women in science: Meet Eponle Usoh Sylvie
Q&A with one of CIFOR-ICRAF’s restoration research fellows in Cameroon
21 Feb 2023
Nourishing leadership: Why gender matters in development science
Q&A with CIFOR-ICRAF food and nutrition scientist Mulia Nurhasan
Interview - 10 Feb 2023
Energy transfer: How one woman scientist aims to spark enthusiasm in the next generation
Q&A with CIFOR-ICRAF bioenergy research scientist Mary Njenga
Opinions - 26 Jul 2022
Empowering women through sustainable wildlife management: meet Susan George
The Sustainable Wildlife Management programme's focus on empowering women is resulting in improved livelihoods and better protected environments