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Interview - 11 Feb 2020
Interview with CIFOR’s Stibniati Atmadja on International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Opinions - 22 Jan 2020
Women’s place in Africa’s growing charcoal sector
Addressing gendered barriers key to more equitable, efficient value chains
Event Coverage - 30 Dec 2019
How climate finance and technology could better integrate women
COP 25 delegates detail challenges to implementing gender transformative action
22 Nov 2019
Her story: Ethiopian forests
See the story of Ethiopia's efforts to regreen its land and the need to empower the invisible warriors: women.
Event Coverage - 18 Sep 2018
For women in Africa, working within tradition for change
Spotlight on the role of women in restoration and poverty-reduction at the GLF Nairobi
Feature - 10 Sep 2018
In Solomon Islands, the gendered effects of corporate logging
The unsustainable industry contributes to one of the world’s highest rates of sexual and domestic violence
Feature - 15 Aug 2018
Women at work
In Nepal, forest-based enterprises are providing new income and empowerment for women
Feature - 15 Aug 2018
Women at work