In focus Food security

25 Jun 2024
Testing a novel methodology across five countries in sub-Saharan Africa
Opinion - 25 Jun 2024
As the world’s foresters gather for IUFRO, let’s not forget about wildlife and people

24 Jun 2024
As cocoa prices soar, why are the benefits so unbalanced?
How past policies impact price discrepancies for today's West and Central African farmers
7 Jun 2024
Centring innovation in Cameroonian agriculture
Training upskills 16 local leaders to facilitate multi-actor innovation partnerships
13 May 2024
Transforming gender approaches requires men’s involvement
Reflections from a study of gender transformative approaches in Colombia
22 Apr 2024
What’s measured matters: Agrifood system metrics for a finite planet
New meta-framework seeks to help ‘level the playing field’ for holistic approaches
29 Mar 2024
Making wild meat safer and more sustainable
Symposium explores challenges and lessons learned from research in Africa and South America
Video Q&A - 14 Mar 2024
Q&A: Researcher Julia Fa on reconciling wildlife and wild meat
On World Wildlife Day, exploring intricacies of sustainable wildlife management
1 Mar 2024
Agroecology: A viable solution for African challenges?
Opportunities, obstacles, and collaborative pathways for sustainable agriculture
26 Feb 2024
World leaders at COP28 urged to prioritize soil health in climate plans
Conserve soils to meet global climate, land and biodiversity goals, say experts
21 Feb 2024
Can agroecology break dependence on synthetic fertilizer?
Good soil management benefits climate and biodiversity without reducing yield, experts say