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8 May 2024
"Cornucopia of stiff challenges remain" to realise ambitions
29 Mar 2024
Symposium explores challenges and lessons learned from research in Africa and South America

Video Q&A - 14 Mar 2024
Q&A: Researcher Julia Fa on reconciling wildlife and wild meat
On World Wildlife Day, exploring intricacies of sustainable wildlife management
1 Mar 2024
Agroecology: A viable solution for African challenges?
Opportunities, obstacles, and collaborative pathways for sustainable agriculture
26 Feb 2024
World leaders at COP28 urged to prioritize soil health in climate plans
Conserve soils to meet global climate, land and biodiversity goals, say experts
23 Feb 2024
Fresh choices for hunters key to transforming wild meat trade
Improving management, creating livelihood alternatives in Yangambi, DRC
21 Feb 2024
Can agroecology break dependence on synthetic fertilizer?
Good soil management benefits climate and biodiversity without reducing yield, experts say
10 Jan 2024
Wildmeat consumption needs new approach from forest to fork, experts say
Sustainable hunting protects wildlife populations + human wellbeing in Central Africa
1 Nov 2023
How to tap agroforestry’s huge potential as a natural climate solution
Review defines gaps hindering uptake and recognition of key mitigation approach
18 Oct 2023
African scientists school up to adapt agriculture to climate change
First cohort graduates from CRISPR course ready to develop climate-smart crops
16 Oct 2023
Making waves: centring water in agroecological research and practice
Focus on inclusive water management and aquatic food at World Water Week