In focus Fire & haze

News - 3 Feb 2020
A recipe for protecting peatlands from fire: re-wet, re-vegetate and re-vitalize
DG’s Column - 24 Jan 2020
Potential for protective green economy and government policies offer promise

25 Sep 2019
The politics of peat and fire
Mismanagement and failure to prevent such a critical resource puts the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people at risk
News - 20 Sep 2019
Scientists on Indonesia’s polluting haze
Controlling the peatland fires is a matter of law and order
Fact File - 2 Sep 2019
From the frontlines: Fighting Bolivia’s forest fires
A firefighter’s account of the country’s burning dry forests
Feature - 14 Jun 2019
Pineapples and peatlands
Restoration, replanting and recovered hope
Video Q&A - 31 May 2019
Firewood for income in a degrading landscape
Voices from the forest-farm interface: Friday video series (Part V)
Video Q&A - 24 May 2019
Trees and wildfire worries
Voices from the forest-farm interface: Friday video series (Part IV)
News - 26 Nov 2018
Sparking debate over fire use on agricultural land in Indonesia
New peatlands research center aims to reshape conservation efforts
Feature - 28 Aug 2018
Steady as Murdiyarso goes
CIFOR Principal Scientist Daniel Murdiyarso wins the 2018 LIPI Sarwono Award for being Indonesia’s unshakable bridge between science and policy
Event Coverage - 16 Aug 2018
How far has Indonesia come on peatland conservation and restoration?
Storing “disproportionate” amounts of carbon, the archipelago’s peatlands are vital to achieving climate goals