In focus Dry Forests

Photo Essay - 7 Nov 2017
How funds are split among groups on the ground
News - 6 Nov 2017
What climate and land-use changes mean for farmers and pastoralists

News - 11 Apr 2016
Mapping the world’s biomass to better tackle deforestation
By combining satellite with on-the-ground data, new map offers more accurate biomass information.
News - 9 Sep 2015
Protect against poverty … with a dry forest
More research is needed to understand the role of dry forests in rural livelihoods.
Infographic - 8 Sep 2015
Got a minute? Get facts on dry forests … fast
This quirky animation is a quick introduction to these incredibly important, but less well-known ecosystems.
Analysis - 8 Sep 2015
Global dry forests: Time to take notice
Without sufficient research, these valuable ecosystems are disappearing fast.
News - 7 Sep 2015
Wild food from dry forests: A recipe for health?
Research suggests better management of dry forests may reduce malnutrition and improve food security.
Feature - 7 Sep 2015
Men, women, dry forests and the power of food
CIFOR scientists reviewed studies looking at gender dynamics in communities living in and near dry forests – an important but under-researched ecosystem.
Video - 17 Jun 2015
Green Treasure of the Sahel
"Our ancestors said that cutting trees is wrong…"
Feature - 17 Jun 2015
WEST AFRICA SPECIAL: In Burkina Faso, small solutions and big returns
These precious pockets of green bring local communities a host of benefits.
Feature - 16 Jun 2015
WEST AFRICA SPECIAL: In Burkina Faso, disappearing rains and new realities
"When they showed us a map of the resources in our village, we realized that we could lose all our forest.”
News - 12 Jan 2015
In ‘charcoal landscape,’ data on deforestation, emissions hidden in the ashes
In regions considered remote by African standards, monitoring the charcoal industry is painstaking work.