In focus Community forestry

Interview - 28 Aug 2017
An interview with CIFOR scientist Manuel Guariguata ahead of SER2017 in Brazil
Interview - 8 Sep 2017
CIFOR Scientist Steven Lawry shares findings from Nepal, Mexico and Guatemala

News - 7 Sep 2017
Evaluating REDD+ social safeguards with mobile phones, gas stoves and benefits
Using publicly available social and spatial data to evaluate progress on REDD+ social safeguards in Indonesia
Photo Essay - 24 Aug 2017
Community participation as a REDD+ safeguard
Voices of men, women and youth in Jambi, Indonesia
News - 22 Aug 2017
Why social safeguards matter for managing trade-offs under REDD+
Bringing local-level data to the REDD+ safeguards discussions
News - 16 Aug 2017
On the edge of forests, change comes in many forms
New research into land-use change extends from diet impacts to satellite mapping, and spans the globe
News - 15 Aug 2017
Finding a way in for better landscape governance
Study in Ghana and Burkina Faso finds an entry point for landscape approaches in natural resource management schemes
News - 14 Aug 2017
Landscape approaches have potential but can do better in reporting, practice
Review of almost 17,000 documents finds holes in the literature on both successes and failures
Analysis - 3 Aug 2017
The long and winding road to sustainable palm oil
Finding a way forward for profits, people and the planet
Interview - 28 Jul 2017
There is more to farming than yields, and more to forests than trees
In balancing conservation concerns and agricultural aims, there are other factors to consider, including what farmers want and what happens to crops growing...