In focus Climate talks

Interview - 30 May 2018
Following the money – through all of its channels, steps, gaps and opportunities
DG’s Column - 4 Dec 2017
Why we stand by our Infobrief on rights abuse allegations in the context of REDD+

Analysis - 3 Nov 2017
COP23 Special: Green Climate Fund payments: An explainer
How countries will be paid for REDD+ results
Analysis - 27 Jun 2017
REDD+ results-based finance
What’s causing the holdup?
Event Coverage - 24 May 2017
‘Black gold’ for climate mitigation
Measuring the wealth of carbon stocks in peatlands
Analysis - 12 May 2017
Getting down to business in Bonn
Meeting seeks to create a rule book for the Paris Agreement
News - 8 May 2017
It’s too soon to bury REDD+
Scientists argue that REDD+, though troubled, is not dead
Analysis - 18 Apr 2017
East Africa: An urgent need to monitor the forests
The region looks to a new observatory to help protect its remaining forests
Analysis - 15 Nov 2016
COP22 Special: Progress in Marrakesh
A midway summary of the week’s global climate negotiations
Analysis - 4 Nov 2016
COP22 Special: The Medina, souks and the ‘COP of Action’
Top 10 things to watch out for at the COP22 concerning forests and land use
Analysis - 22 Sep 2016
The rush to ratification of the Paris Agreement
Climate change in the context of sustainable development
Analysis - 10 Aug 2016
IPCC 1.5°C Special Report: More questions than answers when it comes to land use and forests
What to consider ahead of the meeting in Geneva from 15-17 August, which will outline the Special Report's scope.
Video Q&A - 24 Jun 2016
COP22’s Ayman Cherkaoui on the road from Paris to Marrakesh
Fourth installment in a series of interviews from the 2016 Global Landscapes Forum - The Investment Case