In focus Climate change

18 Sep 2023
Six out of nine planetary boundaries have been breached, and more are at risk
6 Sep 2023
Diagnosing deforestation into effective solutions

1 Aug 2023
Are REDD+ safeguards supporting community land, resource, and carbon rights?
Steps forward from the review of 11 safeguard standards
20 Jul 2023
Mapping a more sustainable palm oil future in Indonesia
Palm oil roadmap to navigate the climate crisis for people and planet.
19 Jul 2023
From ‘do no harm’ to ‘do better’: Early lessons from implementing REDD+ safeguards in Indonesia
Multi-stakeholder workshop on making forest initiatives work for communities - ecosystems.
5 Jul 2023
New accounting methods could rebuild confidence in forest carbon markets
Forest carbon accounting can learn from impact evaluation methods but should include a greater focus on the stewardship of Indigenous Peoples.
22 Jun 2023
Taking root in Kenya: Nature-based climate solutions project kicks off
Kenya-UK PACT programme ignites collaboration for forest landscape restoration
Event Coverage - 3 Jun 2023
Addressing expanding concerns over forest carbon credits key to mitigation success
Forest conservation is a key tool for climate change mitigation, but integrity issues with forest carbon offsets need to be addressed
1 Jun 2023
Community support crucial to blue carbon success
Quantifying environmental benefits is vital but don't undervalue good governance and equitable benefit sharing
Interview - 29 May 2023
Sonya Dewi begins tenure as new Asia Director
The Bogor, Indonesia-based landscape ecologist will oversee nine countries in her Asia directorate.
26 May 2023
Fielding peatland data in remote Central Congo
Hard-to-get field data essential for calibration and validation
Opinion - 2 May 2023
Why the time for trees, forests and agroforestry is now
After decades of research and advocacy, they're finally at the forefront of approaches to address global challenges