In focus Bushmeat

News - 11 May 2021
Food security, human health, species and ecosystems under threat
News - 21 Jul 2020
Life expectancy 35 years for some wild-meat dependent communities in Central Africa

News - 6 Jun 2020
Jane Goodall and Robert Nasi: Put forests at forefront of COVID-19 recovery
Small scale farming, crop diversity, local people crucial, experts say at GLF
Feature - 6 Mar 2020
Canadian caribou hunting ban highlights challenges of wildlife management
Reconsidering maximum sustainable wild meat yields
News - 15 Jan 2020
Management of intact forestlands by Indigenous Peoples key to protecting climate
Rights recognition crucial to fend off global warming and catastrophic climate change
News - 30 Sep 2019
Keeping wild meat on the table
With traditional knowledge and scientific data, Indigenous hunters aim for healthy game animal and fish populations
5 Dec 2018
Wild meat for today and tomorrow
More sustainable management of tropical wildlife is possible
News - 24 Sep 2018
Taste for gorilla and chimp meat fuels illicit trade
Study reveals a chain from forest to city that includes hunters, drivers, traders and consumers
News - 17 May 2018
Ebola returns in area scientists predicted ‘highly favorable’ for outbreak
Biogeographical mapping is proving successful in detecting outbreak-prone regions for the deadly disease
News - 5 Mar 2018
How safe are our wildlife sanctuaries?
New research shows hunting is the most common threat to protected areas worldwide
News - 14 Nov 2017
Ebola outbreaks linked to forest loss
Scientists track disease to edge of newly cleared forests
Photo Essay - 1 Nov 2017
Wild nourishment
Forest foods boost local diets in Zambia