In focus Blue carbon, mangroves and peatlands

4 Sep 2023
Scientists meet on Jeju Island to discuss ways to expand mangrove ecosystems across East Asia to scale up the sequestration of greenhouse gases and conserve...
1 Jun 2023
Quantifying environmental benefits is vital but don't undervalue good governance and equitable benefit sharing

Event Coverage - 16 May 2023
Wildfire reduction in Southeast Asia depends on regional approach to prevention
Workshop paves way for uniform ASEAN guidelines to map and estimate burned areas
8 Feb 2023
Framing up the community-centred future of peatland management
Experts share knowledge from long-term research in Indonesia and beyond
23 Oct 2022
Integrating local knowledge into policy is vital to sustainable livelihoods
Landscape research highlighted during COLANDS event at forestry conference
News - 19 Oct 2022
Shared peatland brings RoC and DRC closer on climate action
Good governance can mitigate threats to cross-border carbon sink
News - 9 Sep 2022
How to monitor peatlands holistically… and practically
Researchers share standardized criteria and indicators for tracking peatland restoration
News - 10 Aug 2022
Mangroves in the Mekong Delta: growing opportunities or going under?
Researchers have identified potential sites for mangrove restoration in the Mekong Delta