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Important to identify key stakeholders and ascertain their common concerns
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No need to sacrifice forests in quest for food security

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Reflections on landscape challenges and opportunities in Kalomo
Ubiquitous loss of quality in landscape resources
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Well-managed peatlands vital part of global food security, GLF delegates say
Experts detail peatland conservation and restoration efforts
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UK’s Prince Charles, CIFOR’s Nasi see forests as green infrastructure for new economy
Bioeconomy would properly value forests, stimulating investment in sustainable growth
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What are Bhutan’s sacred forests worth?
Bhutan’s mountain communities provide foundation for assessing ecosystem services
Opinions - 19 Nov 2019
Shaping a pan-African forest-landscape restoration exchange
Malin Elsen, Sven Schuppener, Désiré Tchigankong, Joary Niaina Andriamiharimanana